A 6 Week, High-Touch, Digital Course Infused with Proven Systems,
Strategies, and Support for Next Level Success 


Quickly Build Trust

Eliminate Pushback

Be In Control of Your Business


Is Your Business Turning Away Potential Clients?

Designers at every stage of the game need to be recognized as a reputable business owners.

Managing client's expectations, maintaining thriving relationships with good
trades and overseeing projects is a lot of work.
Both new and experienced designers underestimate what it takes. So many things can go wrong.

You don't have to figure it out on your own.

By implementing my six steps for building a solid foundation you'll quickly establish trust - 
the key to landing the best clients and bigger projects.



Get the respect you deserve, confidently take control of your business, and be supported as you grow. We help designers attract the best clients, efficiently manage projects with our proven system for success, and support them every step of the way. 

After completing the Interior Design BOSS Academy, you can expect to see:








I Am Your Guide, Claire Jefford

I am here to help grow your design business.
My work has been featured in Lux lifestyle and Curb Appeal Magazine, as well as Maria Killam's White e-book and blog. I am a prominent keynote speaker, and have co-authored a reputable, interior design business book.

My designs are colorful, tailored and timeless, and I have been told my energy is ridiculously contagious! I am the proud business owner of the only Award Winning design firm in my local area with over 120 reviews.

Whether I'm coaching interior design professionals on how to establish a successful business, helping to navigate the ups and downs of client relations, or sharing 'What I Did and What I Learned' on social, as a Business Coach I show up 100%.

I am excited to work with you to help you become a respected Interior Design BOSS. Are you ready? Let's do this!


What's Included:

  • 6 weeks of business building content with videos and pdfs, released weekly.
  • Structured timing so you can easily schedule your approach.
  • Weekly 90-minute live Q&A Coaching Sessions with Claire to ask any business questions and interact with fellow BOSS Academy members.
    (These are recorded and available to you inside the course if you are not able to attend live).
  • 'Real Designer Dilemma' scenarios and discussions on how you would handle these real-life situations.

  • Weekly Action Items with an option to 'Level-Up' for those ready for the next step.
  • Our expansive library of helpful resources includes a discovery call script, process checklists, email templates, proposals, and more!

  • Intimate Facebook Group with daily content supporting the week's module.

  • Unlimited Office Hours: I put no limit on when I'm available or the times you can post in our private group. When I see your question, I will respond as soon as I can.

  • Exclusive Access: Only BOSS members get access to my ‘Behind the Curtain - After Dark’ live webinar sessions. This is your front-row seat to sensitive client and project information that no one else shares.

  • Six months of access to the course modules, downloads, and replays

  • BONUS Marketing Materials (not shared until now): Booked Solid… With A WaitList. This asset is full of invaluable marketing strategies, easily editable templates, social media content ideas, and more. Available Week 7 in the BONUS.

Perspective & Persona: Reset Your Mindset!

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Being a respected BOSS

Forget the ‘fake it until you make it’ attitude. The undertaking of what you do is SERIOUS business. Here I encourage you to rethink your perspective and your persona, in a way that empowers you to be a BOSS who is respected for the value you bring to a project.

Services & Pricing: Profound Clarity = Increased Profits

Defining Your Deliverables and Refining Your Rates

Get clear on the details of the services you offer to confidently articulate to potential clients the benefits of investing in your luxury services. Here we will determine together, what you love most about design to focus on the aspects you enjoy the most and how to charge for your invaluable services.

Suppliers & Trades: Building Professional Partnerships

Minimizing Headaches & Maximizing Sales

Clients look to you for reliable, trustworthy trades, as well as quality suppliers for materials and furnishings. These essential relationships are everything to your business. In this module, I share actionable advice and my proven strategies for developing mutually respectful relationships with this all-important extension of your team.

Consultations that Covert: Earning Clients’ Trust & Respect

Managing Expectations & Upselling Your Services

A lack of organization and structure in your onboarding process and in the first client meeting limits your ability to successfully convert inquiries into clients and consultations into worthwhile design projects. You should not feel undervalued nor deal with pushback from clients.  Here you'll receive all the resources you need to ROCK your Consultation like a BOSS to land trusting clients.

Order of Operations: After the Consultation

My Exact Step by Step Process for Starting Projects

Once a client has agreed to move forward with your killer design services, don't reinvent the wheel with your next steps for commencing a design project. Now you won't need to because I share my exact step-by-step proven process. Here we will identify every step that follows a consultation, creating a simple yet comprehensive and duplicatable ‘Order of Operations’.

Project Fulfillment Experience: Organization & Scheduling

Implementing Designs With Ease and Confidence

The overwhelm that comes with all the moving parts involved in effectively managing a project is real! Learn my simple strategies for organizing all the documents required for a design project to ensure everything is easily accessible as needed with a behind-the-scenes look into how we set up client projects. This insight will drastically improve your ability to work more efficiently while impressing your clients.

What makes the BOSS Academy experience  is the limited number of students enrolled each session. There is no getting lost here.  Claire gets to know each person. Claire  gets to know each interior design business. The BOSS Academy is an intimate space where designers forge relationships with one another as well as  have direct access to Claire to go deep and get specific about the growth of their business.

How BOSS Academy Is Different

  • Weekly 90 minutes Q&A’s: We don't stop until the last question is answered. Our intention is that you will see results when you show up.
  • No Limited Office Hours: No limits on when you can ask your questions. Get responses throughout the day.
  • Exclusive Access: Only BOSS members get access to ‘Behind the Curtain - After Dark’ live webinar sessions. This is your front-row seat to sensitive client and project information that no one else shares.

  • Claire is walking the walk. She is right there in the trenches with you working on multiple design projects, so the advice shared is current and relevant.





Get Claire's 
Ultimate Interior Design Welcome Packet

Making an outstanding first impression goes a long way. The Ultimate Welcome Package is an essential branding tool to layer into your onboarding process for establishing trust with new clients -  which is the key to better client relationships. 

I've created the Ultimate Interior Design Welcome Packet to not only look fantastic, but to also include primary details that set expectations for your working relationship to position you as in control and ready to execute.

Download this FREE Canva template to communicate with clients as a valued and respected Interior Design BOSS.

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